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Telegraph Creative Staff
WBHF Website Developers
As Thanksgiving approaches, we remember those who have served the breast cancer community. With special gratitude to the Telegraph staff who created this web site. The project's timeline April - September, 2017. Most of the history occurred before the cloud or computers as we know them today. The first step in production was creating an electronic file cabinet from hard copies, pictures, books and videos; the second, creating a video. Lastly, the staff executed a moving interactive launch event. Bravo!
Margaret Rogers
Diagnosed March 1999. Double Mastectomy and TRAM reconstruction. Four months of chemotherapy and still kicking.
Susan Sellers
As a mother, wife, friend, inspiration, mentor and survivor, Susan embodies strength in her every word and action. As a fundamental advisor to the Forge team, Susan has dedicated her life to serving others.
Dr. Judy Holcombe
Dr. Holcombe, a Professor at UAB School of Nursing, was an excellent teacher, a compassionate nurse and a second mother to so many nursing students throughout her career. Judy fought many battles moving oncology nursing into it's own specialty. My mentor and friend. Madeline
Rebecca Di Piazza
Breast Cancer
Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24, Rebecca Di Piazza has spent over a decade advocating for breast cancer survivors in the Greater Birmingham community. She served as the Manager of Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center from 2014-2016 as well as Board President of the Susan G. Komen North Central Alabama board of directors, Public Policy Chair and Race for the Cure Chair. Rebecca continues to ForgeOn as an amazing mother, wife, advocate and community partner.
Linda Kathryn Moon
Breast and others
In my childhood, I was blessed to have many Aunts. Some of them thought I was an Angel. My Aunt Kat was one of them, but I'm not sure the others would have agreed with her by the time I was three! I, and my daughter, are named after Aunt Kat. Aunt Kat had breast cancer, and I have had breast cancer as well as other cancers prior to that. I honor her and her name for the battle she fought. She is with the Angels. I am with the UAB Angel Squad, who lovingly reach out to survivors.
Kylee James
Breast Cancer-DCIS
She was a single, full time working mom with breast cancer. I was only 14 at the time with sports practices and games. Somehow my mom managed to do her daily radiation and care for me. AND she kicked cancer’s butt.
Carla Youngblood
Breast Cancer
In October 2015, Carla was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy. She maintained a positive attitude throughout her journey, but she saw the hurt and disappointment on many faces who were dealing with similar situations. She turned her tragedy into comedy and created a one woman show titled "The Truth" about Breast Cancer. Her goal is to make millions of people laugh... including you! www.keepyoulaughing.com She is Healthy, Healed and Happy!!
Cindy Bolling
They call us Warriors. You have to be to be a survivor. When I heard that I had cancer for the fourth time, it was like, "Here we go again." I know what to expect and how to get to the end. Little did I know, this would be my toughest battle of all. The doctors told me “there is no cure.” I had fought breast cancer in the same breast three previous times and after a mastectomy the third time, I thought I had won -- not just the battle, but also the war. I never thought that lurking somewhere was a cancer cell just waiting to attack. Four years later, it did. Cancer thinks it is finally going to win, but little does it know that I will fight this war my way, even in the end.

I have had time to think about many things and my first thought for anyone starting this fight is -- do not give up. That is all cancer wants. Learn all you can. Talk to as many survivors and professionals as you can. Take charge and make “your” decisions. Do not let "it" make decisions for you. Trust is probably what you need most. Trust that God will take care of everything. Do not just expect Him to jump in but ask for His help and turn your life over to Him. It is never too late. Trust your doctors and your nurses. If you do not trust them, then go find some that you do trust. I trust all of mine with my life. Trust your family and friends. Let them help you because if you do not, they do not know what you need or how to help without smothering.

Believe that everything will work out the way it should. You have given your life to God to handle, let Him. Do not try to second-guess Him and do things your way. Believe that life is still worth living. Go out and live it. Whether it's a few weeks or many years, live each day as if it might be the last one. None of us knows when that day will come and this goes for everyone, cancer or not. Believe in yourself. If you listen and learn, you will know what you are doing is right.

Being a survivor is not enough. You have to be the warrior that will not give in no matter what. Live your life, fight the battle, and above all trust God.
Sarah (Sally) Graul
Breast Cancer - Still fighting hard
Just look at this magnificent warrior. This is my beautiful mother-in-love. How is it that I got so lucky to know and love this passionate strong woman? She has been battling this disease for over 15 years and I have NEVER ONCE heard her give up, back down, quit, or retreat. This is the purest definition of a warrior. She still manages to make time to take care of her family and do things for us that even a person half her age with none of her issues would do. WE love you SALLY! From: your tribe
Anne Griffin
Breast Cancer
My mom was a 5'2" force of nature. She spent her entire life teaching and helping others and was the most selfless person I have ever known. She had the most unwavering since of right and wrong, and always stood up for what she believed to be right. Her fierceness and passion was never more evident than in her battle with cancer. To this day, she's the only person I've ever known to be taken off of Hospice care and live another fulfilling 6 months after being told she had only a few days. I'm a better man, husband, father, friend and human being because of her and I still learn from her even more than a decade after her passing.
Kristen Melene Noles
Breast Cancer
Kristen successfully completed her doctorate requirements, graduating Friday night. Breast Cancer did not define her. Survivors! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Also pictured is her dear friend and colleague, Dr. Bekah Barber. Congratulations!
WBHF Advisory Committee Members
"Even though we cannot eradicate breast cancer, we can make the journey easier through organizations funded".
Kristen Melene Noles
Breast Cancer: Ductal and Lobular
Two days before my daughter's 35th birthday Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began this unwelcome journey with strength and faith even though she had many complications from treatments. Kristen is now 41 and continues to Forge on as a patient advocate, a Forge volunteer, Clinical Leader at UAB, and instructor at the UAB School of Nursing. Most importantly she is a mother and a wife. My daughter is a warrior and my hero.
Judy Boothe
Thanking God and family and friends who help me in continuing the fight.
Soomee Youn Ji
The one who received happiness and love from everyone around her. She is the one who brightened everyone else's day, despite her being sick, and was the most positive person. She was passionate and her illness never stopped her from loving her family and friends any less. My mom, is the one who taught me how to value and treasure the ones I love and care about. I am so proud to say that she is my mom.
Kathy Kemp
Breast Cancer
Kathy loved candy corn. Even in the last few days of her battle she would ask for this candy. The picture above appeared today in a mail feed. These "lights" resemble candy corn. KDK continues to be a light for so many. We miss our warrior.
Violeta Caceres
Breast and Lung
Ms. Puerto Rico, loving wife, mother, sister and friend. Team Captain for Pink Ladies & Associates at Race for the Cure. Professional volunteer and Optometrist. When Violeta was diagnosed she became the beautiful face of breast cancer survivorship. Lovingly known as "The Pink Lady" her infectious smile and caring heart lives on through her son Andre and her sister Nilda who travel from Puerto Rico to attend Race for the Cure in her honor and memory.
Tina Bailey
Breast Cancer
6 years ago on October 11th 2012 I found out I had breast cancer. Febuary 21st, 2013 I had both breast removed. Going through breast cancer was the worse for me; it had turned my world upside down and to this day it still isn't set right but it's getting better everyday.
Dr. Beverly Laird
Dr. Beverly Laird became involved in the cancer community over 30 years ago, and was known all over the country for her contributions as a patient advocate and for her role in changing patient care. A very humble woman, Beverly was full of love and gratitude and had an energetic passion that was contagious. Her list of positions and honors is very extensive and stretches from 1990 until her death. She was a founding member of the North Central Alabama Susan G. Komen affiliate, co-founder of the American Cancer Society's Young Survivors' Group, and served on boards and committees with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Livestrong Foundation, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure as a patient advocate and an advocate trainer all over the country. She was the 2000 recipient of American Cancer Society Patient Services Volunteer of the Year Award and. In 2005, she was the recipient of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Cameo Award, a nationally recognized designation for volunteer service. In 2007, she was the recipient of the American Cancer Society's Life Inspiration Award. She was also appointed as an FDA Patient Representative and played an instrumental role in getting millions of dollars in cancer research funding to UAB.
Kathy Kemp
Kathy was a Warrior. She shared her story with the Birmingham News and opened her life with grace, positivity, and full of care for us and especially her "sisters". Miss her❤️
Sara Askew Jones
Breast, melanoma, lung
Sweet Sara. Full of joy. Full of life. Full of love. Adventure woman. Warrior Woman.
Madeline Noles
Madeline is a strong young girl mentally and physically. A co-survivor her mother Kristen was diagnosed with breast cancer when Madeline was 18 months old. Through Kristen's journey and living with 2 older brothers, Madeline recognizes that obstacles in life contribute to choices. She believes she can do anything! Madeline loves hockey, her favorite sport, and competes on a boy’s team. She loves martial arts and thrives on challenges. Madeline will not be defined by being a female. Hopefully this "spirit" will not be broken by society.
Tracy Gallaher
Metastatic breast cancer
Mother, sister, daughter, best friend. Fighting breast cancer for 12 yrs, 3 of those years metastatic to bones. Loves life and family. Too many blessings to over take the sadness this diagnosis brings. Cancer can take over my body but it cant take over my happiness !!!
Gloria Heyison
Breast Cancer
My mom, Gloria Heyison, has been a survivor since 1992. Her courage and grace is the inspiration behind me becoming an advocate and founding the national non-profit, Men Against Breast Cancer to help men be there for the women they love... just like my Mom was always there for my dad, my brother, and myself.
Carolyn Vedel
Breast Cancer
Carolyn Vedel is a Warrior by every definition of the word. With knowledge, grace, and of course beauty, she handles every situation with grace and strength.
Lillian Jamroz
Ron Richardson
Ron's wife Valerie chose to LIVE a very full life and Ron supported her 100%. Valerie was a Neo Natal Nurse Practitioner who practiced in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. She resided in Jasper with her husband Ron and her children. When Valerie decided to join the Climb for the Cause team, Ron supported that dream. Check out Ron's photography and blog www.testamentphoto.com. He posts weekly on Wednesdays.
Rohaun Green
Triple negative breast cancer
My sister Raquel Smith, is a 7-year cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with a very severe stage of breast cancer at the age of 27. Raque'l is now 35 years old and has overcome a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, dropped insurance and giving birth to a miracle son while on treatment. Having to fight for life gives off a whole new meaning and her faith is strong. Raque'l started a 501c3 nonprofit called Pinktopps Incorporated to others. For more info please visit www.pinktopps,org
Debbie Kirk Walker, DNP
Caring Healthcare Professional
Debbie, now resides in Australia. She is an expert nurse practitioner who incorporates survivorship in her practice with clients and with her students. By her example, many oncology nurses have incorporated 'living well" as they minister to patients. Alabama has lost a very gifted nurse but her impact will be recognized for many, many years. Thank you Debbie!
Lisa Davis
Breast Cancer
In 1993, my mother, Lisa Davis, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 32. I was only 7 years old at the time but I remember so vividly how hard she fought, how much courage and strength she had, and how through everything she experienced, the focus was never on herself. She was always encouraging and continues to walk the journey with others each and every day. I am so proud to call her my mom & my HERO! Here we are two years ago celebrating her 22nd anniversary of being cancer-free!