2016 - PRESENT
Following three grant cycles, the Women's Breast Health Fund decided to investigate the feasibility of a breast cancer survivorship initiative. After meeting with leaders in the field of rehabilitation and survivorship services, a small group of clinicians met to discuss the possibility of a patient centered, community based survivorship program. St. Vincent's Foundation agreed to serve as the fiscal agent and Susan Sellers JD, President of the St. Vincent's Foundation along with Chris Nanni, CFGB President and Madeline Harris met with senior leaders from health systems in the Greater Birmingham area as well as the UAB School of Nursing to request their involvement. This collaborative community partnership is unprecedented in a climate of competition and healthcare changes. These senior leaders continue to remove their institutional "hats" and focus on the patient.
"Shelby Living" October 2016
Forge Funded
Forge assists survivors and co-survivors in taking an active role in their fight against breast cancer by offering support, knowledge, strength and direction.
Forge Fact Sheet
Through Forge, all those touched by breast cancer can bond with others to Forge a new future.
Forge Website
Birmingham Botanical Gardens Partnership: Forge
"Birmingham Christian Family" 2017
Celebrating Life & Providing Cancer Survivor Resources: St. Vincent's Birmingham
"The Vigil" St. Vincent's Foundation Newsletter
Forge Breast Cancer Survivorship Program: St. Vincent's Foundation Leads Unprecedented Community Collaboration.
UAB News Article: 2017
Mother-daughter team fights breast cancer professionally, personally
Forge Facebook Presence
Facebook Presence by Telegraph Creative
Forge Instagram Presence
Instagram Presence by Telegraph Creative
Forge Share: Blount County Support Group
Amy Ackley, Forge Volunteer and Metavivors’ Founder
Finishing treatment
Traveling "sisters" celebrating end of treatment with Warrior Sally
What is Forge?
Quote from first Project Director
"Village Living" article
Village Living
Saks Fashion Show: St. Vincents' Fundraiser
Founder "Men Against Breast Cancer" 2015
Presentation at YBCSN sponsored by Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center
Susan Sellers JD President, St. Vincents Foundation and Forge Advisor
Oversees Forge
Why Birmingham Hospitals are teaming up
Blessing of the Hands: Volunteer Training
To become a Forge Volunteer, a 2 day training is required in addition to TB skin testing, drug testing, a one-on-one interview and background check.
Barbara McCray, Forge Volunteer
Forge Quilt by Becky Hanks
2009 - 2015
The WBHF accepts grant requests from non profits in the Greater Birmingham area. For more information contact Madeline Harris, mharris@cfbham.org or visit www.cfbham.org/wbhf. Current and past funded programs include: Brookwood Baptist - Resource Navigator, UAB School of Nursing - YBCSN, UAB Supportive and Palliative Care: Distress Screening Tool & SPARC, Harvest for Health, St. Vincent's Health System - BCSRI and Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center.
Harvest for Health
CFGB Blog The Gift of Gardening Helps Breast Cancer Survivors
Madeline and Jennifer at the YBCSN Annual Conference
Jennifer Hicks, Project Manager for UAB SPARC funded 2012-2016
Board of Directors Ratification for 2013 Grants
Harvest for Health: Sustainability
Harvest for Health, WBHF awarded project led to a National Institute of Health research grant at UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Reflection from Mary Gene Boulware Inaugural WBHF Advisory Committee member
Mary Gene Boulware, Inaugural Advisory Committee Member
I will be thinking of you and all of the great members of the Women’s Breast Health Fund committee on Thursday. I’m so sorry to miss being there for the celebration. We will be landing in South Africa that night (which is your afternoon and I will be happy to know what is going on here.) Congratulations for doing such an incredible job of leadership. I’m very proud of YOU. Love, Mary Gene On Sep 14, 2017, at 11:31 AM, Madeline Harris <MHarris@cfbham.org> wrote: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 AT 5:30 PM - 9 PM THOMAS JEFFERSON TOWER BALLROOM 1623 2ND AVE. N. BIRMINGHAM, AL 35203 A SHORT DOCUMENTARY CHRONICLING THE 25 YEAR BACKSTORY WILL BE SHOWN AND A NEW INTERACTIVE TIMELINE VERSION OF THE WBHF BACKSTORY WILL BE UNVEILED DRINKS AND HEAVY HORS D'OEUVRES VALET AND HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE TICKETS ARE $50 AND WILL GO TOWARD FUNDING THE EVENT PLEASE NOTE, TICKETS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE PURCHASE TICKETS FOR YOURSELF OR FOR A SURVIVOR PURCHASE TICKETS PURCHASE TICKETS ABOVE OR EMAIL KDEAN@CFBHAM.ORG
"Business Alabama" Article
Harvest for Health Project
Harvest for Health "Journal of the National Cancer Institute"
SPARC Team Coaches' Training
Supportive and Palliative Advocacy Resource for the Community
Young Breast Cancer Survivors Network(YBCSN) 2011-2016
Young Co-Survivors Support Group Men's Kick-Off
Circle of Life Award Nomination 2013
UAB Supportive and Palliative Care awarded
Community Assessment by WBHF and Komen
Breast Cancer Survivor and Co-Survivor Questionnaire administered at Susan G. Komen,Race for the Cure Birmingham
Dr.Wendy Denmark-Wahnefried, Harvest for Health
Grant Award Winner Project Leader of Harvest for Health
UAB Supportive & Palliative Care Project 2012-2016
The Community Foundation awarded UAB Supportive and Palliative Care Center with a $550,000 grant for their work in improving the quality of life for women with breast cancer and their families.
Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame 2010
Madeline Harris inducted highlighting her work in Breast Cancer
YBCSN Annual Conference
Dr. Karen Meneses, Louis Josof, Madeline Harris at the UAB School of Nursing
"The Total Patient" Harvest for Health article
Emily Rushing and Kate Nielsen
CFGB Staff Holiday Luncheon
Kathryn Corey, Lora Terry, Kate Nielsen, Erin Stephenson
Beverly Laird Patient Advocate Reviews Government Grants
Community Foundation Past President:
Survivor Experience of the YBCSN Workshop
YBCSN Annual Conference: Project Leaders
Dr. Karen Meneses and Silvia Camata
Young Breast Cancer Survivorship Network
UAB Resource APP: Funded 2012 and 2013
Flyer for a focus group to view the APP for edits before the APP went live. The first year of funding was under the UAB Supportive and Palliative Care Project Distress Screening.
Partnership with Oasis Counseling for Women and Children
No Mo Chemo Party Invitation
Three Brothers Don Pink to Support Their Sister
2003 - 2008
Yoplait Climb for the Cause
Traveling Sister's Night Out
Traveling sisters with Andres Caceres
Nancy Brinker Climb for the Cause
2004 CFGB Annual Meeting
Letter from the Kate Nielsen, President, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.
Letter from Kate Regarding Grants to CFGB
Letter stating grants to the Community Foundation
Casting for the Cause 2004 For the Cause Adventure
Pedicure Paradise
Our Sisterhood
National Media Attention: Michigan
An Unexpected Gift
The Trainer's Perspective
For the Cause Adventure: OM Yoga Retreat 2006
Breast cancer survivors' next mountain: Kilimanjaro
Plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Taking it to the mountain
Climbers: cancer survivors plan trek
Legacy of Courage Event
Climb For The Cause 2003
Climb for the Cause Grant Award Ceremony
Climb for the Cause Opportunity for gifting
Climb for the Cause Unveiling Video
Climber: Penny Wright
Climber: Stacey Gordon
Climber: Marilyn McCormick
Climber: Valerie Richardson
Climber: Jane Webb
From Red Mountain to Kilimanjaro
Reaching New Heights in a Personal Journey
The Birmingham News, Legacy of Courage 2003
CFTC Breast Cancer Story
Fearless Filmmaker
Jane Webb to Hike Kilimanjaro with Breast Cancer Survivors
Mount Kilimanjaro Itinerary
Legacy of Courage Awards: Luncheon & Silent Auction Invitation
Legacy of Courage Award
Office of the Mayor City of Birmingham: Letter
Mount Kilimanjaro
Survivors to Scale Heights in Quest
A Tribute Reception for Alabama Women
Birmingham Magazine Survivors Scaling the Summit
The Women of Mount Kilimanjaro
Spotlight on Health: Fight Against Breast Cancer Reaches New Peak
Steel Magnolias Breast Cancer Plaque
Madeline Harris: Visionary & Architect, Climb for the Cause Advocate & Friend
Stroll down memory lane for breast cancer awareness
Climb for Cause: The SouthTown Express
Climbers take off for a special cause
Climbing Awareness
Preparing for the Climb
Over The Mountain Journal News Article Archive
Mother of two breast cancer warriors climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in their honor
Birmingham Magazine Cover Feature
Climbing Kilimanjaro: Cancer Survivors Scale Summit
Kilimanjaro Conquerors
Climbers with a cause: Raise $75,000
Cancer Survivors climb Kilimanjaro, raise $75,000
Yoplait Award Nomination Marilyn McCormick
Climber Nomination Jane Webb
Climber Nominations Penelope Wright
Climber Nominations Stacey Gordon
Yoplait Award Nomination Valerie Richardson
Climb for the Cause: T-Shirt
Yoplait Award Dinner
In New York City
Self Magazine Yoplait 25 champions in the fight against breast cancer
"Steel Magnolias" Marilyn's support program in Anniston
Climb for the Cause Team
Ready to travel to Tanzania Birmingham Airport Climbers Stacey Gordon, Marilyn McCormick, Penny Wright, Valerie Richardson, Jane Webb Photographer Denise Modling, Videographer Michele Forman Team leader and guide John Larussa
Violetta's sister Nilda
1999 - 2002
Over the Mountain Journal Sep 25 2003
Birmingham News: Jim N' Nicks Supports Angel Squad with $10,000 for volunteer work
Surprise Gift
Jim N Nick's Email
Silent Auction Letter
Angel Squad Formation- Poster Session
National Association of Breast Cancer Organization(NABCO) Poster Session
Recruiting Angel Squad Members: 2000
Jim N Nick's Partners with Angels
Jim n Nick's Supports Breast Cancer Survivorship Services
Thank you Nick
1995 - 1998
Fox6Warriors Tribe of Warrior Women
Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 87, No. 19
Birmingham News
'Warrior Women' photos at UAB reflect on breast cancer
A Tribe of Warrior Women - Birmingham Post
Books About the South
Breast Cancer Survivors Faith and Science are their Weapons
Event honors author, breast cancer survivors
Exhibit encourages women to be survivors
Faces shout: Breast cancer didn't win
A Tribe of Warrior Women books in store
From the Horse's Mouth
Hercules Letter
Hercules Thank You Note
Huntsville Times Oct 27 1995
Interesting books have Alabama ties
Photo-essay is scheduled at museum
Rita Wright's Letter following Book Launch
Focusing on Melissa Springer
NABCO News Vol. 11, No. 1
NBCAM Letter
Opportunity to share your reaction
Over the Mountain Journal
Documentary: Within our Reach
Survivor photo-essay opens, will travel
Photo at exhibition
Birmingham News
Photo Essay Invitation
Photo Exhibit Ready to Travel
Melissa Springer Premier Party and Book Signing
Presbyterian Hospital- Traveling Exhibit
Role model for others dies of breast cancer
Warrior women at Four Rivers
Women throughout the world continue to fight the good fight in the ongoing war against breast cancer
Melissa Springer Photo Essay Article Feature
The Cancer Letter
Tribe of Warrior Women Article
A Tribe of Warrior Women Article
A Tribe of Warrior Women - Coping Article
Tuscaloosa News Article
Janis Zeanah
Letter from Director, Office of Communications, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
UAB Coummunications
Photo Essay on Breast Cancer Survivors to Be Unveiled This Month
UAB Reporter Article
UAB Synopsis
Reach to Recovery Volunteer, Rosemary Buettner
About women and power Photographer in the middle of a journey
A Tribe of Warrior Women photo essay brochure
One family's reaction to their loved featured in the Tribe of Warrior Women
Arkansas Tribe of Warrior Women
Evie Jeanettee Ebbinghouse
The Music of K Lee Scott composed song dedicated to Warrior Evie 2015
Warrior Ruby Self, Equality Alabama presenting at the National Oncology Nursing Conference in New Orleans.
Pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, the producer of Tamoxifen contracted with Melissa Springer to utilize the photos of the "Tribe of Warrior Women" in a calendar, to market and launch the new breast cancer drug, Arimidex. Over 1000 nurses attended the luncheon.
1993 - 1994
Nomination Lane Adams Award
The Birmingham News Health Notes
UAB Newsletter
1993 Lane W Adams Winners
1993 Lane W Adams Winners
Letter from Ed Partridge Congratulating Madeline
Letter from Marilyn Doss
Birmingham Post Herald: Awarded-Madeline Harris, The Lane Adams Award
News Release American Cancer Society Lane W Adams Award
News Release American Cancer Society Lane W Adams Award
Kay Potter Letter
Dr. Elizabeth Stullenbarger Email
UAB Press Release
UAB Press Release
Adams Award goes to Harris
UAB Synopsis
Letter from Linda Sveningson to Madeline
Letter from Mitch Sams to Madeline
Letter from Nicki to Madeline
1982 - 1992
Breast Cancer Survivor Center - 2016
WBHF Established - 2009
Climb for the Cause - 2003
Angel Squad - 1999
A Tribe of Warrior Women - 1995
ACS Lane Adams Award - 1993
The First Step - 1982

To understand the present, we must remember our history and never forget the events and people who paved the way. Our ancestors and their stories are gifts that lead to the present and future. Your legacy is far reaching if you listen to quiet messages, be still, believe and have patience.

Volunteer of the year
3 Generations of Nurses
Before breast cancer
National Oncology Nursing Conference San Francisco
Cancer Awareness Day: CancerWatch
National Cancer Survivor Day "Celebration of Life"
Madeline Harris
Office at UAB
Madeline Harris
UAB Nurse Honored
American Cancer Society Newsletter
Dedicated to Patient Care
Who's Who
UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Newsletter
Scholarship awarded
Gadilhe adds her personal touch to the struggle against cancer
Birmingham Race for the Cure: Pre-Party
National Cancer Survivor's Day: Celebration of Life
Madeline, Louis, Lynda
Channel48 Backstory
Dr. Judy Holcombe Honored
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